Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

How long will I be on TRT?

Because the therapy changes and optimizes how your body produces testosterone, you will probably want to stay on this medication for the rest of your life.

How long after starting the meds will I feel a difference?

Some patients notice a difference during the first week. However, the body’s complete physiological response occurs around weeks six to eight.

Do you accept insurance?

No, but your insurance provider may cover your lab work.

Why is there a monthly fee if I don’t talk to the clinic every month?

We charge a monthly fee to give you full access to our services and providers, so you get quality care whenever you need it.

Lab Costs/ Fees

How much does the lab work cost?

It depends on the number of tests you need and your insurance coverage. If you are private pay, we recommend you use Ulta Labs. They are about 75% less expensive than other labs. A full panel costs around $200.

Where is blood testing done?

At any laboratory you choose.

How often are blood tests done?

At your first appointment, again in eight weeks to check your status, and if you are on track, every six months after that.


How much do the prescriptions cost?

That depends on the number of prescriptions, which pharmacy you use, and if your insurance covers the medications. The GoodRx site can help you find the lowest prices and provide discount coupons.

Where are prescriptions filled?

The pharmacy of your choice.

How do follow-up sessions work?

To be a patient at our center, you must sign up for our follow-up program. The program has two payment options, $83 per month or a discounted price of $900 for the entire year. The program includes all phone calls, emails, visits, prescriptions, and monitoring of your blood levels. After the initial visit, we will follow up with you by phone in eight weeks to see how you are doing. Then, you must have a phone or email visit at least every six months or more frequently as needed to produce optimal results.