Advantages of Testosterone Treatment.

June 10, 2022

No matter how hard they work out or how clean they eat, they are not the same. They have a difficult time reaching goals, losing weight, and keeping muscle on. These are usually the first signs of a decreasing level of testosterone in the body. As the level continues to drop, it will start to impact energy levels by increasing fatigue and lethargy. As testosterone continues to dwindle over time, patients start having a diminished libido and fewer morning erections. For many men, this is a quality-of-life issue. This can impact relationships and wreak havoc on confidence levels.

When a person gets on a program to maintain a healthy, higher level of testosterone these symptoms greatly improve. Around 6-8 weeks after starting treatment, patients will report better quality of sleep and decreased fatigue and lethargy. When they go to the gym, they notice that they have a reduction in fat and an increase in muscle mass. Now the effort they put into the gym is noticeable. There is increased motivation with exercise. They experience a quicker recovery from vigorous activities and an overall decrease in delayed onset muscle soreness.

As providers, we see a 20% reduction of centralized adiposity and waistline circumference over the course of the first year on average. Development of muscle leads to broader shoulders and increased muscle density. Libido and morning erections return. Across the board we see that the patients we treat are extremely happy and report that this is a life changing treatment. Their families report that they are better husbands and fathers. They have more energy to do the things that they enjoy. They experience an increase in confidence and improved moods with the ability to manage stress. By managing hormones at healthy sustainable levels, we can continue to help people reach goals and live the best life possible.